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If you want to know how your business is doing financially, you need to keep accurate bookkeeping records. An accurate ledger helps greatly to reduce your accounting costs at year end! For the beginner, sometimes bookkeeping in a computerized environment can be complicated and costly. This course will show you how to record your company/business records in a simple but accurate way using columnar sheets and spreadsheets. You will learn the following….what bookkeeping is and how it relates to your business, what debits and credits are, how to use spreadsheets for bookkeeping, how to record invoices and bills, payments and credits, how to record in a sales journal, how to record cheques and deposits, how to reconcile the bank, how to prepare monthly and annual statements such as a Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss statements. There will be plenty of practice and a quiz or two included!


Course modules include:


 Module    Description
  Defining bookkeeping and how it’s related to accounting
2   Principles of Accounting
3   Defining debits and credits
4   Bookkeeping on columnar paper
5   Using Excel spreadsheets for bookkeeping
6   Recording invoices, payments and credits
7   Recording bills, payments and credits
8   Recording sales receipts
9   Recording cheques and deposits
10   Reconciling the bank
11   Preparing a Profit & Loss Statement
12   Preparing a Balance Sheet


Course instructor: Irene Carroll, Financial Manager, MEBONS.

Course will begin on May 7th, 2018 and be delivered on every Monday and Thursday, 6 pm until 9 pm over a 6 week period. The course location will be at the Mi’kmaw Economics Office in Membertou.

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