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Do It Yourself Communications & Marketing Strategy

Learn to create and deliver a communications and marketing strategy to grow the brand of your business or enterprise. Using your available time and resources, custom build a strategy to connect with your audiences, build your profile and increase sales. During the 40 hours, Ian will introduce you to the tools and tactics you need to accomplish your mission, while you complete a strategy to guide your communications and marketing for the coming year.

A $75 deposit is required upon registration. The $75 deposit is refunded upon completion of 80% of course classes

Course topics include (and are not limited to) the following (with many opportunities to practice):

  • Media 101 – An introduction to traditional media, how it works and relationship rules
  • Social Media – An introduction to platforms and the fundamentals for using them
  • Focus Tool – A journalist’s tool for capturing your story’s essence before it is presented in public
  • Audience recognition – How to assess your current audience and decide who needs to join it
  • Media Release – Elements of preparing a document to capture media attention
  • Media interview – Explore the dynamics of the media interview and meeting the demands of questions
  • Business Networking – Consideration and practice of what it takes to network effectively
  • Message Development – Preparation of key messages for insertion in releases and interviews
  • Intro to Public Speaking - Preparation and delivery of speeches, introductions, thanks
  • Writing for Your Voice – Key elements of writing to suit delivery of an oral presentation
  • Story Development – Preparation of stories for delivery and consumption by media
  • Presentations & Visual Aids – Techniques and guidance for the use of visual aids in preparations
  • Elements of a Communications & Plan – Preparation of stories and key messages, tactics, etc.
  • Writing workshop – First & third-person points of view, appropriate language for target audiences, active vs passive language, sentence structure, etc.
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