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Do-It-Yourself Marketing & Communications Strategy

When it comes to growing your business do you know what to say, how to say it and how to reach your customer?  That’s where a marketing and communications strategy is vital. Instructor Ian McNeil will introduce you to the tools you need to build a comprehensive marketing and communications strategy that works for your business.  This 6-week, 40-hour course will help you develop a strategy and identify the communications tools to get you on the road to building your brand, encouraging customer engagement and increasing sales.   

Course topics include (but are not limited to) the following (with many opportunities for practice):

  • Elements of a Marketing Strategy

    • What’s makes your product/service unique?
    • How to make your brand recognizable and memorable.
    • How a clear communications plan will assist you create key messages for advertising, media releases, interviews etc.
    • Defining your target market.
    • How to pitch your business in 60 seconds or less.


  • Creating a Communications Plan

    • Preparing your story and key messages.
    • Do you really belong on Twitter? This section will discuss the various platforms including traditional and digital – the pros and cons of each and how you can build a media strategy that most effectively and efficiently delivers your message to your target market.
    • How to use the media to market your business
    • Writing for Your Voice – Developing messages to be said not read
    • Business Networking – Consideration and practice of what it takes to network effectively
    • Communications skills to promote and grow your business.

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