Politics aside it has been quite a year in the CBRM with several major positive steps being taken to develop the Port of Sydney.

A hotly debated municipal process is now behind us and the major players now have a green light to continue to promote the Port of Sydney to the global shipping world as a new and highly desirable destination for international commerce.

It is not too often that Cape Breton can assemble a team from the big leagues of port development such as we now have to represent the Port of Sydney to the world shipping industry.

Parties like Canderel Real Estate Developers, China Construction & Communications Co, Ports America, Chernin/Wooder/Shebib, First Nations, and SHIP have come together as an ‘A’ list of expertise in the industry – all of them playing on the Port of Sydney team.

There are two other Nova Scotia port projects competing with Sydney for this business along with several other port destinations along the Canada and U.S. Eastern seaboard. Sydney will not have a free pass on this project. Instead, we will have to work hard to convince the international shippers that we are the lowest cost and most efficient location to make a billion dollar global investment.

Our Sydney Area Chamber of Commerce members wholly support the selected team of sea port development professionals from the private sector that are working on our community’s behalf to develop the Port of Sydney as a new economic engine for our region.

We also are encouraged by the positive collaboration at all three levels of government to soon bring a second cruise terminal to the Joan Harriss Pavilion area that will not only promote the expansion of new cruise traffic and tourism to Cape Breton but also allow the port to capture project cargo that is being offloaded at other competing port destinations in Atlantic Canada.

Debates aside it is now time for all of the CBRM community to get behind this important project to send the right message to the international shipping world that we are open for business and to lend support wherever we can to ensure we come out on top when competing with other global port destinations.

Our Sydney Area Chamber extends best wishes for success to the port development team and offers our support wherever we can contribute.

Adrian White


Sydney Area Chamber of Commerce



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