Professional Training & Development

All courses are sponsored by Labour and Advanced Education (LAE). Candidates must be gainfully employed or own their own business at the time of registration. An 80% attendance rate is necessary for completion. All candidates are required to fill out a registration form prior to start of the course and provide a $75 refundable registration fee via cheque, cash, visa or mastercard.  Deposits will be returned upon completion (80% attendance rate).

Please note - membership in the Sydney Area Chamber of Commerce is not required for registration.


Do-it-yourself Communications & Marketing Strategy
When it comes to growing your business do you know what to say, how to say it and how to reach your customer? That’s where a marketing and communications strategy is vital. Instructor Ian McNeil will introduce you to the tools you need to build a comprehensive marketing and communications strategy that works for your business. This 6-week, 40-hour course will help you develop a strategy and identify the communications tools to get you on the road to building your brand, encouraging customer engagement and increasing sales.
Coach, Mentor & Empower Your Sales Staff
As a business owner/operator you know your business inside and out but transferring that information to your staff in a way that increases their sales and service knowledge and ability can be challenging. In a time when effective sales staff are hard to find, Ian McNeil will provide you with the fundamental skills you need to coach and mentor your current team to a higher level of customer service and increased sales.

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