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All courses below are sponsored by Labour and Advanced Education (LAE).

Candidates must be gainfully employed or own their own business at the time of registration. Attendance at a minimum of ten of the 12 classes is necessary. All candidates are required to fill out a registration form prior to start of the course.

There is a $75 refundable registration fee (payable to the Sydney and Area Chamber of Commerce) which will be refunded to candidates upon completion of 80% of the course. Membership in the Sydney Area Chamber of Commerce is not required for registration.

Course seating is limited so please register early. The Chamber will follow up with candidates that register.

LAE Basic Book keepingBasic Book Keeping

If you want to know how your business is doing financially, you need to keep accurate bookkeeping records. An accurate ledger helps greatly to reduce your accounting costs at year end!

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tools for small businessTools For Small Business Success

This 40 hr course taught 2 evenings per week over a 6 week period beginning in late September 2016 is focused on helping candidates improve their skills as business owners, operators, and employees leading to more profitable businesses.

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blogger-336371_640Office Technology Essentials

Now more than ever, technology is becoming essential to the everyday operation of businesses. With that being said, many people are still confused and frustrated when it comes to using computer programs, smart phones, and other office technology.

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